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Defining your place on the www.

Your web presence frames your work, your efforts, your message. 
Humans are our audience. We hear a lot these days about User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. User Experience design is only the result of using the lens of humanity through which to solve a design problem. I believe meaningful engagement can be accomplished by effectively identifying audiences and utilizing the desires of those audiences to inform the choices we make for design. Audience desires matched with the goals of an organization or business inform the development of user journeys and determine the content architecture of a website. My intention is to use a practical, straightforward approach that blends design thinking with user data. Because when it comes to multiple audiences and expansive business or organization goals, keeping it simple is key. We are all just humans anyway.
Remember those talented collaborators I mentioned? We've got a great team from photographers to copywriters to some fantastic developers. And it takes a great team of unique perspectives to help you truly define your message and create the best framework by which to implement it. 
I partner with Defined Digital to cover everything the web will require of your business from the development of the physical website, to SEO, to social media campaigns and security.
Here's a bit of the work we've done together. 
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